Packing & Unpacking Services

Need an extra pair of hands or require a comprehensive packing and unpacking facility? The team at Packing On the Run has you covered.

Packing and unpacking are arduous and daunting tasks for hundreds of Australians, but for us, it’s our expertise and certainly what we love!

Our expert packers can help with stowing up as little an area as your kitchen or your entire property in an organised manner. We follow the industry procedures for packing and shifting your belongings while handling them with genuine care and protection.

Choose From Our Suite Of Packing And Unpacking Services

Complete Household Packing Services

Our experienced prepackers will ascertain your needs and provide you with a fixed price for packing.

Prior to your move, we will pack your entire inventory ready for moving day, ensuring that they reach your new address in their actual shape and condition.

Breakables Packing Service

Our prepackers are experts at handling your delicate and precious goods. Our fragile packing service involves professional packing of breakables, kitchenware, china, crystal and collectables at a fixed price as quoted by a consultant or at a per carton rate.

Unpacking Service

Need some extra help at their new destination? Our team is well vetted to fulfill your unpacking requirements as well. After we move your belongings, we shall ensure that all your boxes are unpacked, so that’s one less thing to worry about in your new house.

How It Works

Our flexible and professional packing and unpacking services have been designed to cater to your needs. To minimise the stress of your move, all you need to do is follow these steps:

Select your favourite from our suite of packages

Whether you need us to pack, unpack or do both, our packages are designed to suit your needs. A typical booking involves two staff members at your service for four hours ($480 inc. GST). This covers an average of a kitchen and 2 other rooms of your choice.

Notify us about your start time

The team at Packing On the Run is available round the clock to help you with your packing and shifting needs. Our standard start times are either …. or …., but we are more than happy to work around our schedule if you have any specific time requirements.

Lodge a request for additional hours if needed

Our team of pre-packers are available to pack your entire house ready for moving day, ensuring all your valuables are safe and sound to transport to your new area. However, if you think you would need more time on the day of service, you are more than welcome to request time from our packers. You can also book for more time up front. Enquire today about our additional hours rates and policies.

Get your items packed as you like

Whether you want us to wrap up your breakables and kitchenware first or compile your clothes and documents, we are here to do everything as you like. To achieve a truly personalised experience and control the costs as you like, have our packers focus on the areas that you believe will take more.

Zero Mess of Boxes & packing materials

Our packers are known for their efficiency and experience. They do handle your items with utmost care, but also make sure that they assemble your packing materials, boxes and bubble wraps, ensuring no damage for re-use or for the return of your box hire deposit. They will stack them neatly out of the way once your new home or workspace is unpacked and organised.

Erase the stress of packing and unpacking with Packing On the Run

Want to get your precious goods wrapped and packed before your big move?

Contact Packing On the Run to find out about our packing and moving options. We have years of experience in getting goods safely to their new home.

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