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Tired of managing and relocating the clutter in your house? Moving your entire belongings to a new space can be one of the most daunting and chaotic events to happen in your life.

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Packing On the Run - Organising You Before Your Big Move in Hoppers Crossing, Point Cook and Werribee

When you already have loads to worry about, decluttering and packing your items for a move seems like an additional and unachievable task.

At Packing On the Run, we help you downsize and shift your household stuff from one place to another with ease.

Entrusting your packing and moving responsibilities with us ensures you a stress free move

At Packing On the Run, we ensure all your goods are handled with care and moved to your intended destination with ease. Check out what makes our flexible and expert approach more appealing

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We know moving can be a financially burdensome task, which is why we help you prepare financially for any move. Our free moving cost calculator and our useful money-saving tips are designed to help you understand the moving costs for your next relocation.

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At Packing On the Run, our trained and experienced professionals are prepared to help you make your move round the clock. Whether you need our services during weekends or outside of business hours, early in the morning or late at dark, we are at your beck and call.

Flat Rate Fees

Our packing and moving services are designed to keep your moving experience as stress free as it can be! With our flat rate fees, it’s easy to determine how much inventory you can get shifted to your intended destination without the possibility of surprises and hidden fees.

A Comprehensive Moving Solution

Our team takes care of your entire moving process whether it’s decluttering your space or packing your belongings, moving your boxes or unpacking your items. To ensure that your goods are moved with care, they are bubble wrapped for maximum protection and clearly labeled in boxes for a quick and seamless unpacking experience.

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Let Packing On the Run take care of the whole moving experience!

If you need to move and you’re dreading packing up your whole home, get in touch with us today. We pack your items with the utmost care, and we move them the same day. Hiring expert pre-packers is more affordable than you think!

Call us at 0478 122 122 for a comprehensive quote for moving your inventory!

Making Your Move a Success From the Start

Decluttering and pre packing your goods not only saves you time and money, but also ensures that your belongings are not left vulnerable to damage and breakage during the move. When you’re packing your items, you no doubt find it time-consuming - and dislike it almost as much as unpacking - so why not use a pre-packing service instead?

The expert packers at ‘Packing On the Run – Packing & Unpacking Hoppers Crossing, Point Cook &Werribee’know how to get the job done quickly and easily, which means you won’t have boxes lying around your house for weeks before you move!

Service We Provide:

  • 100% Trustable
  • 100% Safe & Secure
  • On-Time Delivery
  • Verified Movers
  • 24x7 Support
  • No Extra Payments
  • Also Deliver on Sunday
  • Minimum 1 Mover Free
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All Bases Covered. A Comprehensive Cleaning Service Bond Back Guaranteed

Taking on a property vacate clean when moving house can be overwhelming, time consuming and hard work. We hear you! However, at Packing on the Run we happen to love cleaning. Not only can all the dirty work be left to us, we will also save you time and effort on shopping around for additional cleaning services, as our property cleaning package is a one stop shop for all your vacate house cleaning requirements.


Packing & Unpacking Services

Need an extra pair of hands or require a comprehensive packing and unpacking facility? The team at Packing On the Run has you covered.


Does this bring you Joy? Our Decluttering Services

Is your home surrounded by mess and clutter? Do you struggle to find the things you need and feel overwhelmed when you are surrounded by the chaos of ‘stuff’ everywhere?

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